Dr. Zhihong Nie has just relocated to Fudan University in China as a full-time faculty. The research group welcomes students and researchers at different levels to join us! 

What We Do

The central theme of our research program is to understand interactions between molecules and nanoscale objects for assembling functional materials. We are particularly interested in the construction of multicomponent nanoparticles, development of new methodologies for assembling polymers and nanoparticles, and exploitation of new properties and applications of assembled materials.  Our current major projects include:
  1.                  Biomedical imaging and  therapy
    Biomedical imaging and therapy
  2.                Self-assembly of hybrid materials
    Self-assembly of hybrid materials
  3.    Programmable soft materials and microfluidics
    Programmable soft materials and microfluidics
  4.                   Polymer and colloidal synthesis
    Polymer and colloidal synthesis
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