• Jiahui Zhao (赵佳辉)

    (2020-now) Email: 20210440054@fudan.edu.cn

    Jiahui Zhao obtained a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from East China Jiao Tong University and joined the research group to pursue a Master's degree in 2020. His research field is the research and development of chemical additives

  • Shuyue Wei (魏书玥)

    (2021-now) Email:sywei21@m.fudan.edu.cn

    I’m currently a master student in polymer chemistry and physics at FDU. I completed a bachelors degree in chemistry from Sun Yat-sen University. My current work is polymer blends with nanoparticles as compatibilizers.

  • Gaoyi Cao (曹高怡)

    (2021-now) Email: 21210440028@m.fudan.edu.cn

    Gaoyi Cao is a master student in Materials and Chemicals. She completed a bachelor's degree in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering at Fudan University. She is currently working on developing high-performance  hydrogels.

  • Wenwen Chen (陈文文)

    (2021-now) Email: 21210440004@m.fudan.edu.cn

    Chen Wenwen graduated with a bachelors in Chemistry from Nanjing University. Now, as a graduate student, she is working on the preparation of biodegradable microspheres using microfluidecs and their application in drug delivery, especially for proteins.

  • Chongyang Yao (姚重阳)

    (2022-now) Email: 22210440063@m.fudan.edu.cn

    Chongyang Yao graduated with a bachelors from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Anhui University of Technology in 2022. Now, He is a master student in the department of macromolecular science at Fudan University. His work focudes on synthesis,purificatian, and hierarchical self-aeesmbly of colloidal molecules.

  • Yujie Nie (聂玉洁)

    (2022-now) Email: 22210440050@m.fudan.edu.cn

    I’m currently a master’s student in the department of macromolecular science at Fudan University. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Qingdao University of Science and Technology in 2022. My work focuses on designing multi-channel microfluidic chips and preparing drug-loaded microspheres using microfluidic technology.

  • Xinrui Wang (王心睿)

    (2022-now) Email: 22210440057@m.fudan.edu.cn

    Xinrui is a first year master student in Macromolecular Science. She received her B.E in Polymer Materials and Engineering in University of Jinan in 2022. She is interested in using polymer and inorganic materials  to fabricate thin film for energy harvesting.